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Layering Mid Weight Elements

1. Layering light to mid weight elements in the fall can help you create a warm, interesting look more effectively than throwing on one heavy piece. The more pieces you add, the less new colors you should add to the mix. 

2. Many menswear bloggers are supporters of the denim jacket, and I’m among them. I wear mine over anything from a t-shirt to shirt and tie, like here. When you’re wearing some sharper elements (collar shirts, slacks, etc) a denim jacket can add texture and balance to your look. I recommend grabbing one from your local thrift shop, and try sizing down.

3. On the thrift shop note, this corduroy vest is vintage. A vest in a warm fabric such as tweed, corduroy, wool, or flannel, is a great piece to add warmth and style to your look. For guys, or gals, a bit concerned about their weight, a vest in the same or similar color family as your pants is a great choice to make you look longer and leaner.

shirt- Modern Tailor, tie- The Tie Bar, vest- vintage (unmarked), jacket- Gap, pant- Banana Republic, shoes- Clarks, bag- Oscar de la Renta

Photos by Amanda Allen

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